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Configure Cisco Access Point using GUI Standalone/Autonomous with WPAv2 Authentication Key

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In this video I've shown step by step process How to Configure Cisco AIRONET 3602i Autonomous/Standalone Access Point using GUI with WPAv2 Authentication Key. I've divided the whole process into two parts which are given below:

Part 1: Accessing Cisco Aironet Access Point GUI Web Interface

• Console the Access Point with Putty (default user name and Password: Cisco)
• Resetting to factory Default Settings Using the MODE Button
• Check IP status and Assign a static IP to BVI1 interface with same subnet mask
• Go to Web Browser and type http://BVI1 interface IP address (keep user name blank and default Password: Cisco)

Part 2: Configuring Aironet Access Point with WPAv2 Authentication in GUI
1. In Easy Setup
Under Network Configuration
--Edit AP hostname, Static IP, Subnet mask and Default Gateway
Under In Radio Configuration
--Create SSID name WLAN_New under Radio 2.4GHz and select Broadcast SSID in Beacon
2. Apply Encryption Modes to AES CCMP
3. Enable WPAv2 and apply WPA Pre-shared Key: to SSID
4. Enable Wireless Radio Interface (Radio0-802.11N2.4GHz/ Radio1-802.11N5GHz) UP
5. Save the configuration
6. Finally check the SSID Wi-Fi connection, Security Key, IP address and browsing through internet

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Redouane Ammour : Hy can this accès point support 200mb/s thanks
Ateeq Afridi : How can i find my cisco ip address? Any simple way
Chill Onhill : would this work with Cisco Aironet 2702I AIR-AP2702I-UXK9 IEEE 802.11ac 1.32 Gbps Wireless Access Point also?
Bill Wade : I really enjoyed this video. I have a home lab but no wireless access points. Your video has helped explain how I can add an AP to my lab. Thank you!

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Peter R : Crazy to see Linus
Malcolm VanOrder : This is awesome! I've been watching LTT videos for years and sub to most of their channels. Linus and his team at LMG are amazing at presenting detailed technical information and reviews. I would love to see more content from them on Cisco products. Maybe even product comparisons demoing which products and models are best for different use cases.
wmarclocher : Cisco, you could not have picked a better guy to explain this. I learn so much more when Linus explains it.
Kitty's Review : Watch out! He’s going to drop the APs!
Thomas Friedl : This probably is the video with the smallest amount of views with Linus

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